How to Cancel YouTube TV

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how to cancel youtube tv

How to cancel Youtube TV: Whether you’re having issues with YouTube TV, or you just want to get rid of it, there are many ways you can do this. This article will discuss the various ways you can do it, including through the phone.

See How to Cancel YouTube TV

Can You Pause Your Subscription?

Using the pause feature, YouTube TV subscribers can temporarily stop paying for their subscription. This allows them to test alternative live TV streaming services or just take a short break. Afterwards, they will resume their normal billing schedule. During the pause, subscribers will still be able to watch previously recorded shows.

To pause your YouTube TV subscription, go to the Membership tab of the YouTube TV app. Click on the profile icon, and you’ll be taken to the membership settings. You can then choose how long to pause your subscription, between four weeks and six months.

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You can also manually pause your subscription by going to Settings, and selecting Pause Membership. In the next screen, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a new billing date. You can also choose to have your account reactivated in eight weeks.

You may also want to choose a reason for pause. While the pause feature does not allow you to watch videos, you will still have access to your library and settings.

Can You Cancel it by Phone?

Unlike Apple’s TV subscriptions, YouTube TV doesn’t let you cancel a subscription from the app. You can however call up customer service and request a refund. The process is simple.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the YouTube TV website. From the home page, click on the Settings button. Then, you’ll see a link that reads “Restart Membership” under the YouTube TV logo. Alternatively, you can tap the “Help” button in the menu to see a list of options.

The “Restart Membership” button isn’t a magical link, though. It’s actually a link that brings you to a page that lists what you’ll miss if you cancel.

You can also contact customer service by email, chat, or by calling their toll free number. While the phone call isn’t always available, if you have a problem, a representative can help you get it solved.

You can also pause your YouTube TV account for up to 6 months. However, you’ll be without access to new content and add-on networks, which will likely not be the case for promotional prices.

Does YouTube TV have Add-on Networks?

Whether you are looking for a low-cost way to watch TV or are interested in cutting the cord, YouTube TV may be right for you. It offers a variety of channels and on-demand movies. This service is available on both computer and mobile devices. You can also sign up for an optional premium add-on to add additional channels and improve your viewing experience.

You can access YouTube TV from your browser, on the YouTube app, or on a streaming box or console. The service is available to US subscribers only. It costs $65 a month.

YouTube TV offers more than 85 channels. It includes basic cable networks and a large number of sports channels. It also offers on-demand movies and news. YouTube TV is available on computers, consoles, and mobile devices. However, the device you use may limit your access to the service.

The YouTube TV sign-up page is easy to use. You’ll need to provide your ZIP code. The first seven days are free. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will receive a full refund. You can also pause your subscription for up to six months.

Does YouTube TV Require a Subscription?

Streaming video services like YouTube TV are a great option if you don’t have live TV. YouTube TV offers a large variety of channels, including entertainment, sports, news and lifestyle. It also has a DVR feature. This service is available on computers, smartphones and streaming devices.

The service also has a free trial option. You can try the service for 14 days. However, you may want to sign up for a monthly subscription to gain access to a larger variety of channels. You can also add on additional premium channels to enhance your viewing experience.

You can also add on to your subscription to get extras like HBO, STARZ, Showtime and the Sports Plus Add-on. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can watch YouTube TV through the browser.

The selection varies based on your location. It includes local channels, cable channels, and broadcast networks.

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